Wake up council officers and deal with the REAL issues - not a dog ‘cocking its leg’ in Pocket Park

Whilst in Pocket Park this week I witnessed a lady dog walker being berated by a council official when her dog “cocked its leg” near the new picnic tables and seats by the playground.

She was rudely told that “something would be done” about it and told to keep her dog on a lead.

These clipboard-bearing council officials should learn to be polite to the public - after all, WE pay them.

Responsible dog owners do, of course, clear up their dog’s “poop” but whether a dog is or is not on a lead it will still cock its leg regardless.

We seem to be getting too protective of ourselves don’t we? Some folk (council included) seem to be obsessed with dog nuisance when they could better spend their time on ensuring that litter louts are dealt with along with vandals and illegal parkers.

Wake up councils - and deal with the REAL issues please.


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