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I would like to make a comment on a letter in the Ely Standard regarding a new leisure centre.

Ely has been struggling with inadequate facilitates for many years. The Swimming Pool and Sports Centre have never been fit for purpose - there should have been forecast of City growth taken into account.

This City has been growing beyond its own facilities capabilities. Even though there have been attempts to remain in line with growth with schools and medical care these have struggled, however entertainment and leisure have been one of the hardest hit.

This City needs up to date entertainment with a cinema and swimming pool complex and the extra restaurants and entertainment.

Let’s looks at the comment re positioning the complex in Downham Road which will cause traffic on the A10.

The majority of people from Ely wishing to go to the cinema or have an evening out at such a complex now already drive on the A10, A142 or pay extortionate train fares to get to Cambridge, Bury or Huntingdon.

Surely the opportunity of a shorter journey is better on the environment as well as peoples finances. There is also the opportunity to walk or cycle - the fact is it’s only about a mile outside of Ely.

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There will be a large amount of jobs that will be created, especially part time jobs for youths and parents. The building on the outskirts will bring others to the city, parents who have to travel to the pre mentioned destinations from our surrounding villages will now be able to come to Ely, drop off their children and shop.

There is no room as mentioned for upgrade, the area is too small, the facilities would be in the centre where there is limited enough parking already. Yes the complex may be better placed near the station but as long as an adequate bus service is considered then what’s the issue?

Not creating a leisure complex will have an impact on our socially deprived and poorer families who can barely afford a night at the movies, without the additional cost of travelling out of town.

Along with the prospect of jobs and providing something for Ely’s youths and elderly residents what can be wrong with the idea? Other than some people thinking Ely cannot change.


Ely North

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