Two Doors Means Twice As Many Charity Bags

THANK you for printing Mary Ann Swanson s letter about charity bags. I have been trying to reduce the number delivered at my home in Ely since 2007 without effect. I wrote to the charities commission and they said it was not their responsibility to police

THANK you for printing Mary Ann Swanson's letter about charity bags. I have been trying to reduce the number delivered at my home in Ely since 2007 without effect. I wrote to the charities commission and they said it was not their responsibility to police these distributors. I tried writing to the email addresses on the bags themselves and some companies reply and ask for your address promising not to deliver again but they still do or else another company takes their place.

This week it all started again and I was so angry because my notices outside not to leave bags or post them in my door were completely ignored. I wrote email to

I received a reply asking me for my address and I told them they did not need my address to action a memo that too many bags are arriving in CB6 3WU and that only one per house is necessary? I am unsure who these people are and I don't want them to know my address.

I am getting two of everything because I have two doors! I suggested he promote a basket scheme which will make the unwanted empty bags obvious outside homes. A cheap coloured basket which can be fixed to a fence perhaps? Today the agents posting these pestilential bags walked past three 'no junk' notices and a basket with a pile of bags in it to give me two more.

Last year I had 60 bags in all. Unwanted bags blow all over the place, dogs rip them up and many are so floppy they protrude through any letter cage allowing pets to tug them through the holes.

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This week Manacare (Sanctex) has promised not to deliver any more bags - watch this space. We are over 50 and don't grow out of our 'babygros' anymore and anything we don't want is taken directly to local charity shops.

I feel that the matter has got out-of-hand. One bag a month would be too much.



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