Turn the River Ouse crossing into a toll bridge

We have been talking about a by pass for decades, why do we need one?

At various points along the Rivers Severn, Clyde, Forth, Humber and Thames, to mention a few, you have to pay a toll to cross the river.

The M6 Toll Road near Birmingham is a classic example of how to stop HGV’s using a road, they avoid it like the plague, because of the toll and the road is free moving all day every day.

So, we make crossing the River Ouse at Ely a Toll bridge, provide stacking parks each side, well back from the bridge, and charge a toll, free up to 3.5 tonnes, then a charge from 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes and much more for over that.

A self financing project that will keep the heavy stuff on the A14, unless they want to pay.

This may have come up before, if so forgive me but I’ve lost track over the last couple of decades.


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