Turbines aren’t efficient enough to produce a steady flow of electricity - why not burn our waste?

I totally agree with Councillor Bill Hunt’s move to support protesters against building wind turbines near Aldreth.

They have never been proven to make power effective enough to keep a steady flow of electricity to the grids to make any difference.

Half the time they standing idle and not turning.

It would far better to build a power station to burn all our waste that is dumped at Grunty Fen tip. It could be built at the tip, or the site of the old sugar beet factory, and it would turn out more kilowatts than these wind turbines.

We already have a straw burning power station at Mepal and you never see the smoke coming from it as it’s eco-friendly.

There are plans for an incinerator at King’s Lynn that burns waste. Why not one near Ely? They make more sense than a row of turbines that only turn half the time.


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