Triathlon athletes left terrible mess near Ely river walk

I WRITE to highlight the recent disruption to our city.

I am not opposed to clubs using our city as a base for a fantastic event but I must complain about the terrible mess left on the river walk, at Coopers fishing, after Sunday’s triathlon.

Up to 10 pairs of trainers/sandals were left by the river along with energy bar wrappers and plastic bottles.

I am also concerned that other dog owners are leaving their full poo bags dumped in hedges and hanging off trees.

Perhaps the council needs to put more dog waste bins at the beginning of the circular walk and at the end?

Does anyone else have a problem with this? It’s a beautiful area in Ely but the litter problem is concerning to me as an animal and environmental enthusiast.

Do people understand that poo/nappy bags are not biodegradable and dumping them on the side of the pathways is irresponsible and downright ignorant?

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I’m fed up with picking up rubbish and other peoples’ dog’s waste. Cows, calves, ducks, geese and swans live there, along with other wetland creatures.

I am disgusted with the organizers of the triathlon, they should have had marshals attending to the litter the athletes produced.



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