Tractor drivers need to be more considerate to commuters on the A10 between Ely and Cambridge

I read your piece regarding motorists overtaking tractors and risking a collision.

I personally have not witnessed that but I have witnessed the drivers of tractors and farm machinery being totally inconsiderate to drivers.

I travel on the A10 from Cambridge towards Ely each morning at about 6.45am and on numerous occasions I, along with more than 20 other vehicles, have been stuck behind a tractor.

This is a very busy time for commuter traffic in both directions so overtaking is not really an option.

But the tractor driver will pass four or five laybys and never pull in to give the very long line of cars behind a chance to pass.

We all have to continue at a snail’s pace behind for up to 10 miles until they reach their destination.

How about a bit of courtesy by the tractor driver to the commuter!

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If there is an opportunity to pull over please do so, you are aware how long the line of traffic is behind you.

Ultimately this is perhaps what frustrates motorists and perhaps causes them to ‘take a chance’ when it is clear — the tractor will not allow them to pass even when they have the opportunity to do so.


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