Tory MPs thinking of bid to repeal Hunting Act are fools - people don’t want ‘sports’ re-legalised

The Conservative rural affairs minister (a former UKIP candidate) has said that winning a Commons vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004 is unlikely to be a “realistic prospect” in this Parliament.

A senior political correspondent on a Conservative-slanted newspaper has also stated that “The hunting ban is likely to become an electoral issue”.

I believe that both are right.

I also believe that any Conservative MP contemplating an attempt to repeal that Act, which was passed with all-party support, is a fool and a danger to his or her fellow Conservatives.

People in general and rural people in particular do not want the Act repealed or to see the re-legalising of the so-called ‘sports’ of fox hunting, hare coursing, etc.

Moreover, I will oppose the soon-to-be-selected Conservative candidate for SE Cambsif he or she should support repeal.

As an independent and free from party politics, I opposed the now-knighted Jim Paice in 2010 and, though I lost big-time, I made a point.

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I am willing to make the same point again.

People say that there is little to choose between the major parties: on this issue, there is.


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