To the motorcyclist who overtook me with excessive speed near Littleport - you’re far from being clever

ON Thursday, on my way home from an evening with friends, I was making my way through Littleport just after 9.30pm, keeping to the speed limit, when some motorcyclist came racing up behind me with the headlight on full beam into my mirrors, dazzling me.

Within seconds, this mad person attempted to overtake and with cars parked on the opposite side, so knowing what could happen, I pulled towards the white line, preventing him/her from doing so.

He/she then stupidly attempted to undertake me, so I pulled back and braked, as it was so close to the back of my car.

The next I knew this mad motorcyclist did succeed in passing me - and well in excess of the speed limit - before turning towards Mildenhall at the roundabout on the A10.

Having been a motorcyclist myself, and had a couple of accidents, you are far from being clever, whoever you were.

What was your need for that speed?