To all the doom-mongers: thanks for your interest but we are doing just fine in Littleport without you

Well thank you Sarah Cliss and Claire Wright for yet more negative commentary on our community (July 23).

This seems to me nothing more a thinly-disguised plug for the planning application (couched in terms of care and concern).

It’s also a kick in the teeth to the many people who live here and who devote many hours of their time to running community organisations and planning activities that cater for all age groups.

I am not acquainted with either of these ladies, and have never met them. They certainly haven’t been present at any of the initiatives for regeneration, which many (including myself) are engaged in.

It’s easy to parachute into a community with your notebook and seek out a few rent-a-quote moaners for ready-made copy.

You may also want to watch:

May I suggest that a more in-depth piece of writing would have turned up plenty of evidence that Littleport is a vibrant and thriving community.

If, indeed, Littleport is the dead-beat village that is painted in this piece, why are so many developers eager to build yet more homes here? And will all our problems be solved if a few more houses are crammed in along the A10?

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I have a message for you and all the doom-mongers out there: thanks for your interest but we are doing just fine without you.


Millpit Furlong


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