Time to put forward an economic case for supermarket in Soham

I WOULD like to make an economic case for a supermarket in Soham.

Firstly, a supermarket will lead to a rise in house prices as the town becomes a place people actually want to live in, rather than a place that people can only afford to live in.

This will benefit existing home owners and put a break on future overdevelopment as land prices increase.

Secondly, it’s rather unfair on the sick and elderly if they haven’t the means to travel to Ely or Newmarket to take advantage of the cheaper goods on offer in the supermakerts in those towns.

Thirdly, if most Soham people shopped in Soham, the High Street would benefit as people would do their secondary shopping in the town rather than in the high streets of Ely or Newmarket.

Perhaps Soham Town Council would benefit from some new members who come to live here from outside the area.


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