Time for Britain to pull out of the EU and got back to running the country properly

WHY are we curtailing to Brussels when in every news bulletin people are saying that we should have a referendum about staying in our leaving the European Union?

This now has gone far enough - 140 powers of ruling our own country have now been stripped away from us.

The latest rule is that you cannot recycle old jam jars any more - so how do they think the housewife is going to make jam?

This practise has been going on for hundreds of years, no-one has ever died over this yet and when we had milk bottles delivered to the door the empty ones were taken away, washed and sterilised and used again and again.

Clubs like the WI rely on people making jam to sell to make extra cash for club funds, or to raise money for charities.

I say it’s time we pulled out of the European Union and get back to ruling this country again as we should and have done in the past.


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