This country sends £45m to the EU every day - so stop payments to repair East Cambs’ roads

The public has a right to ask for action on our dangerous roads that have not had any repairs done to them for many years.

Queen Adelaide Way is very dangerous, like many others: Black Bank Road from Little Downham to Littleport, the road from Little Downham to Pymoor and Oxload, through the Fen to Coveney and on to Witcham, and the Hundred Foot Bank road to Welney.

These roads have not had major repairs done to them for years - and it will be the old story of not having the money to repair them.

I say to all motorists - stop your payments to the road licensing department and tell it you have withheld your payment until your county gets to grips with road repairs.

If enough payments are withheld something would soon be done because the Government would step in.

If this country can afford to send £45million every day to the EU, then we can afford to repair our roads. If we cannot, then stop all payments to the EU until our roads are safe to use.


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