There were black rabbits for Ely Common for years - until the Common started being destroyed

IN response to articles and letters regarding Ely Common.

There have been black rabbits for years until the Common started being destroyed. It was nice to walk down the common with knee high green grass and see deer and sometimes a fox hunting.

Now there is hardly any grass on half the Common and hardly any wildlife.

As for a village green, they have already got the Palace Green and Paradise so they can play and pray at the same time. So please leave the Common alone.

I can remember a picture in the local paper with a tractor and trailer coming off Chettisham Meadows loaded with ragwort plants. They looked pleased with themselves destroying plants which were home to hundreds of bugs and insects which in turn was food for birds and small mammals.

Concerning the university boathouse - there has been a lot of building that is not in keeping with the surroundings. If you stand on Stuntney Causeway and look back over the pit you see Heron House which does not fit the surroundings.


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