Thanks to the Ely Standard, we now know secondary education in Cambs is in really poor state

Thanks to the Ely Standard we now know more about the state of secondary education in Cambridgeshire.

From the information which you have obtained, it would seem that secondary education is in a really poor state.

The fact that nearly all the schools are now run by private academies shows that the system is failing. The county is now having to set up various bodies to try to improve the situation.

The Government is determined to press ahead to make most, if not all state schools into academies run by private companies, some profit-making, some charities.

It is the duty of the Government to supply the best affordable education to all children and this should be done through the Department of Education and then through local education authorities. As was the case.

Schools then have to answer to locally appointed people and to parliament.

Right now we taxpayers, parents and children are losing complete control of the education of our children.

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