Thanks for being our MP Sir Jim

Methinks Huw Jones, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for South East Cambs, has made a sizeable blooper by his letter to you (July 11).

Typical of Labour thinkers he has spent his entire 200 or so words attacking Sir Jim Paice in your columns, accusing him of taking a photo opportunity with foodbank supporters.

He is typical of his party and his leader, taking every opportunity to character assassinate the Tories with no mention of his own party’s policies. What a missed opportunity to publicise them or aren’t there any?

This is Labour’s style but I am pretty sure that Milliband, the wrong one at that, will not sit in Downing Street this time next year.

In the meantime, Sir Jim, thanks for being our MP over the years - you will be difficult to replace.


Windmill Close

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