Thanks for all the responses about Kings Avenue problems - it’s clear this is an important issue

Residents of Kings Avenue have spoken out, keen for their voices to be heard. I would like to thank everyone who has e-mailed, telephoned and written to me.

It is clear that this is an important issue. With the planned developments in Ely, the pressures on roads such as this will only get worse.

Speeding was a common theme, along with concern that police do not take this issue seriously. The HGV traffic and the agricultural machinery using the road has also been highlighted.

Of course problems are often easy to see but the solutions are more difficult. That doesn’t mean we will not find solutions but that any solution will never meet the needs of everyone.

I was contacted by a number of people who highlighted how the problems are not confined to Kings Avenue but are symptomatic of a failure to deal with traffic issues across the whole of Ely.

Lynn Road residents and Egremont Street residents have raised the problems of agricultural machinery and HGVs while residents in Dovehouse Close have raised parking issues.

At a time when thousands of new homes are about to be built, bringing thousands of new people and vehicles into the city, the failure to adequately plan and improve our infrastructure along with previous developments is a frightening tend that needs to be stopped.

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As a start, the City of Ely Council formed a working party that will consider this issue.

I am hoping that the city council will support taking these issues to Cambridgeshire County Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council so that we can obtain professional views as to how the needs of the residents of Ely, both present and future, can be met.


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