Thank goodness - I am not alone with concerns about East Cambs’ lack of infrastructure while construction continues

What a relief - thanks to James Billings (letters, July 17) - that I am not alone in concerns about the lack of infrastructure while mass building continues.

I have attempted to raise this with all and sundry to no avail.

A 208-page report, by East Cambridgeshire District Council in October 2007, stated water/sewerage and electricity were at breaking point in Soham and there should be no building until after 2016.

This has been ignored and just last week I tried to discuss it with a councillor whose response was: “Without people we can’t improve the infrastructure.”

He demanded to know what I had done about raising my concerns - all shot down. When I said about having letters published, his response was: “Who bothers to read letters?”

I walked away because that said more to me about our political classes than anything could.

Were I a councillor, my first task each Thursday would be to buy all local papers and read the letters pages.

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