Tesco’s planned ‘Octagon’ is pathetic imitation of every other dated out-of-town development

STUNNING, unique and of immense historical and architectural significance - that’s the Octagon.

And Tesco’s planned carbuncle on the bottom of Ely, which it presumes to call the Octagon? A pathetic imitation of every other dated out-of-town development, lacking in originality.

Other councils have said No to Tesco. Can you imagine that happening in Moakesworld? More like form a queue to empty your wallets in Tesco’s tills, people of East Cambs while the district council cowers in the corner.

Don’t make the mistake that this will bring anything to Ely, it will suck the lifeblood from the area and keep on taking.

Do you remember Fred Brown claiming that Sainsbury’s would bring millions to Ely? Seen any of it? Aldi’s must be worth a bit too. Can’t wait for that, can you?

The Ely ‘Masterplan’ made a U-Turn to include this development, from protecting and developing the life of the town centre to allowing a major developer to con it into selling the city’s integrity.

Don’t allow this development, its hideous. If you value Ely, don’t let Tesco swallow it up.

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