Supermarket won’t have much of an impact on Soham town centre - there isn’t much there for it to affect

WITH all the negative press about the planned supermarket/petrol station/pub for Soham, it was about time the positivity of the plans were also shown within the press.

I believe this will be very good for Soham. The town has seen much growth over the last few years and is set to see more.

With all the growth we have seen we now need to see the infrastructure to match it otherwise Soham will become a dormitory town where people just come to sleep.

The supermarket, I believe, will not have that much of an impact on the high street, there is not much there for it to affect - most people already go out to Newmarket, Ely or Cambridge to do their weekly shop.

If the supermarket is declined will people all of a sudden stop going elsewhere for their weekly shop? Of course they won’t, the fact remains 75 per cent of people are doing this and will carry on doing this.

The supermarket will not only give all residents a better choice at lower prices, it will go a long way in keeping people in Soham to shop.

It will also bring much needed employment to the town, a chance for our youngsters to be able to find work.

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Many people want to see this happen for many reasons. They can’t all be wrong, can they?


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