Stop food system based on monoculture that is decimating fragile soil structure

Healthy soil is vital to our health and a basic requirement for nutritious food to prevent disease.

At present, the world’s soils have lost 50-70 per cent of their carbon, much of which is now in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Healthy soil houses thousands of organisms all playing unique roles in the continual recycling of organic matter. Soil microorganisms are critical to numerous processes.

A food system based on monoculture, genetically engineered crops and toxic agrichemicals is decimating this fragile system.

Pesticides and other agrichemicals destroy the soil’s structure, its ability to hold water and its organisms – therefore its fertility is lost.

Soil regeneration is key to the health of future generations. Regenerating soils and creating new topsoil comes down to mimicking nature.

Increasing the carbon content of your soils is a key component of soil fertility as it feeds microbes and helps retain moisture, so everything grows better.

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