Sorry Liz, but East Cambs residents would prefer services they need than white elephants

ELISABETH Every sounds sincere in her aspirations to provide the services and facilities that everyone in East Cambridgeshire would like to have.

A commendable ambition, but one that is in reality beyond the expectations of an authority that finds itself struggling to balance its books.

Conservative candidates at previous elections have evangelised at how good they would be in introducing best business practice to the Council’s operations, but what have their endeavours resulted in?

At best it has been meaningless rhetoric but at worst, over the past few years of Tory rule, has resulted in cuts to the level of services provided.

Many will remember the “Root and Branch” review announced by former leader Fred Brown in 2009, which saw cuts and eight council staff made redundant after his administration ran into difficulties.

With a sense of déjà vu, here we go again... the current Tory administration embarking on yet another “Root and Branch” review of council services in which Mrs Every believes there are still ‘heavy overheads’ where savings can be made.

Every council is required by legislation to provide mandatory services for the public benefit together with others considered non-mandatory.

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Whilst Mrs Every may consider a leisure village a worthy aim, it is not a mandatory service for councils to provide.

Residents would far rather have the services they need than a white elephant that will lose them even more money in council tax.


Lib Dem member for Ely West

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