Soham Town Council asked for suggestions for town centre improvements... but none have been received

Views of the remodelled Walter Gidney Pavilion

Views of the remodelled Walter Gidney Pavilion - Credit: Archant

I TAKE issue with comments made by Jacky Hibbert concerning the ideas that Soham Town Council has had for using Section 106 money for the refurbishment and improvements to the pavilion.

First – Section 106 money from out-of-town retail developments is usually earmarked for projects to support town centres.

Some time ago Soham Traders Association was approached by the town council, which asked it to put forward suggestions and ideas for the improvement of the town centre. To date no suggestions have been received.

The pavilion and recreation ground were identified in the Soham Masterplan as being in the town centre area.

So the town council felt that as the pavilion is a focus for the community, it would be suitable to refurbish the building and provide additional modern spaces suitable for various types of community uses in an expanding town.

Second – Jacky says that she thinks it is very selfish for the town council to propose to spend the money on ‘their building’.

The pavilion is owned by the community of Soham, the town council manages it on behalf of the community.

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Third - It should be remembered that the £100,000 referred to is by no means certain because until building of the supermarket is actually started, no money will be available for any project.

However, there will be Section 106 money available in the future from other building projects in the pipeline.


Planning committee chairman

Soham Town Council

Via e-mail