Soham residents don’t need consultants from Kimbolton telling them if town needs new supermarket or not

WHY do the people of Soham need consultants from Kimbolton to tell them what is best for them?

Your February 14 article about the supermarket application is not so much about what is best for Soham, but what is best for Budgens.

Where do the consultants get the idea that a new supermarket would have a detrimental effect on the vitality and viability of the town centre? There are only four or five shops in the high street.

Maybe if Budgens stops selling milk, fruit and veg, newspapers and magizines, bread and cakes, greeting cards and left these to the other shops trying to make a living in the high street, there would be enough room for everyone.

I would like to see a supermarket at each end of the town. This would bring greater choice and price competition and bring more jobs to Soham.


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