Round-up of news and information from the town of Soham

Mike Petty historical view of Soham

Mike Petty historical view of Soham - Credit: Mike Petty

Let’s begun my round up of news from Soham with the Heartbeat Health Walk. 

David Clarke and Linda Everitt were the leaders for a shorter and more sedate walk around Soham.  

Everyone finished the walk safely in the hot conditions and were quite ready for refreshments in the cafe’. 

Soham Community Group 

Members of the Monday Club enjoyed there day getting together in the Causeway Community Centre. 

Following a lunch of Shepherd's pie provided by the Cherry Tree they took part in gentle armchair exercises with Claire and Jean. Games of bingo were played and there was a raffle.  

Refreshment was served before everyone made their way home. 

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Community Care Coffee morning 

 On Tuesday July 12, Diane Wheeling welcomed 22 people to this regular coffee morning in the Pavilion. Everyone enjoyed lots of chat catching up on the latest news while being served their coffee, tea and biscuits.  

A selection of books was for sale and Diane organised the raffle. These coffee mornings are from 9am to 11am every Tuesday new members all very welcome. 

Comrades Club 

The bingo enthusiasts enjoyed there evening of bingo in the club and about 30 people attended included two people celebrating birthdays.  

These bingo evenings start at 7.45 pm doors open at 7 pm. 

Phoenix Club 

Sheila Abbot welcomed everyone to the meeting in the Causeway Community Centre on July 13. 

For this meeting a bring and buy/auction was organised with the many items donated by the members. Auctioneers were Sheila and Kathy, raising £45.50 for club funds. Sheila thanked everyone for contributing to the auction. Refreshments were served and there was a raffle. 

The next meeting is on Wednesday August 10th from 9.45am start. New members all welcome. 

Over 60s Club 

Ruth Ginn welcomed everyone to the meeting onJuly 15. A minute's silence was observed in memory of Ann Lane.  

The speaker was George Ginn. He spoke about his experiences when joining up for National service. The second part of his talk was an account of an outing with the British Legion, with Ruth, to the Arboretum in Stratford upon Avon. 

George had brought along many photographs relating to his talk for members to look through.  

The ladies served refreshments and Diane organised the raffle.  

The club would welcome more members and also speakers if you can help, please contact Ruth on 01353 720128.