Slant on reality of McCarthy & Stone’s December 2012 Community Update is similar to that of Alistair Campbell

LIKE many residents of Cambridge Road, I received a “December 2012 Community Update” from McCarthy & Stone’s spin doctors (The Remarkable Group) whose slant on reality is right up there with the likes of Alistair Campbell.

Of course people have differing views on developments but it is essential to be aware of the facts before forming a view.

I do recommend any interested person to study the planning application before making their mind up.

It is also clear that the residents do not object to the Croylands building being used for “later living” or sheltered housing. They however do object very strongly to this “massive” overdevelopment of an historic building into a block of 21 flats.

McCarthy & Stone claims that there has been “a broad level of supportive feedback following their exhibition”. As of November 19 three letters of support had been sent to East Cambs District Council planners as opposed to 157 letters of objection!


On behalf of residents of Cambridge Road and Houghton Gardens

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