Should Isle of Ely become an island once again, I suggest we vote for ‘LIFE’

Whilst not wishing to be insensitive to our fellow countrymen in the south west and elsewhere, who are suffering with the floods, I am reminded that Ely was once The Isle Of Ely.

If we should ever be threatened by a climatic situation that rendered us an island once more I have plans to ask the population to vote for “LIFE” (Local Independence For Ely).

This would have many benefits including our own currency which I would suggest be called the “Crom”. This would be divided into 100 “Wells” and, of course would not be influenced by the Euro since we would immediately withdraw from that shabby bunch of miscreants.

Although I freely admit that the wet weather could have affected my reasoning I do, nonetheless, recommend the idea to the populace.

Come to think of it, why don’t we do it anyway? We could do worse.


Windmill Close

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