Santa’s all good and well, but don’t forget that Christmas begins with Christ

The Great Santa Kidnap can be seen at the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn Garden City [Picture: Kellie C

The Great Santa Kidnap can be seen at the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn Garden City [Picture: Kellie Colby] - Credit: Kellie Colby Photography

With the celebration of Christmas not far off now, I would just like to highlight to my fellow Elyians that the word Christmas begins with Christ.

As I wandered round town this week I saw so much of Santa, his reindeers and festive jingles playing in may of the shops.

It was my visit to Tindall’s which highlighted to me what is gradually happening.

I had gone in to purchase some Christmas crafts to make cards - I asked if there was anything with the baby Jesus on.

Politely, I was told: “Sorry we do not have anything Christian here - just the usual Christmas items. Try the Cathedral shop.”

This greatly saddens me - what is happening? Do we not remember that without Jesus there would be no Christmas!

It is easy to become downcast that the true meaning of Christmas is being pushed aside or even forgotten about by so many.

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There is a lot happening in Ely’s churches this Christmas time, starting with the Ely lights switch-on - ‘A living Nativity out on the streets of Ely’.

Throughout December there will be rousing carols, carols by candle light, shoppers carols, Christingles, children’s fun craft sessions, nativities for the young and old, reflective meditative times, Christmas meals being shared for those who would otherwise spend Christmas alone and so much more.

Santa’s all well and good - don’t get me wrong! But let’s remember who the celebration is really about.

If we think back to that very first Christmas - a heavily pregnant Mary and Joseph were told over and over again - no room at the Inn.

My hope for 2013 is that more of us will make room for Jesus this Christmas time, remembering ‘He is the Reason for the Season’.


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