LETTER: If Mayor Palmer has so much money available why didn’t he support Ely’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Rosemary Westwell. Picture: SUPPLIED

Rosemary Westwell. Picture: SUPPLIED - Credit: Archant

In my humble opinion there seem to be two types of people in our country.

One consists of those who consider themselves to be the elite, over and above the minions they are supposed to serve.

They care little for the effect of their behaviour on others and for them it is inevitably nearly always: ‘me first’.

Then there are those like Colonel Tom Moore whose main concern is for others. They work to help those who provide vital services within our society and who actually do the practical job of making our society function.

Where should support be most focused?

While I believe most of us prefer our support to go with Colonel Tom’s group, it appears Mayor James Palmer thinks differently.

He is apparently in talks to acquire the lease of the former citizens’ advice bureau at 70 Market Street in Ely.

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It is suggested that he plans to bring most of his workforce from Alconbury to Ely because, he says, “the transport links to Alconbury are dreadful and nobody likes going there”. He is disappointed that this news had leaked.

I told Mayor Palmer face-to-face that we needed an hourly bus in Witchford some time ago. It never materialised. Isn’t he in charge of our transport system?

Why isn’t he spending his time and money on focusing on improving the transport links to Alconbury if he has admitted that he knows they are so bad?

He said that the move would save £250,000 a year. We underlings are amazed that he has that amount to spend in the first place.

If he has so much money, why didn’t he support the Citizen’s Advice Bureau which worked in the very building he is trying to occupy?