Riverside is well known for its ducks - it’s common sense to wear appropriate shoes

PETER and Pat Hillman have a right to their views (February 7) but I found their sanitised outlook on local life unreal.

They say they have not encountered mess on other riverside walks in the UK which is fine but, sorry folks, Ely is different which is why it is such a charming city and a great place to live.

The riverside is well known for its ducks and it is a matter of pure common sense to wear appropriate shoes. After all, they wouldn’t go to a dance in wellies would they?

The same follows at the Riverside where no-one seems to wear ballet shoes for good reason.

The area we are talking about is quite small but further on there is a great walk along by the narrowboats and into Pocket Park where the ducks are in abundance and there are no problems - why not walk there?

I believe this is the first time that vermin (in the form of rats) has been mentioned - this is a red herring and a typically desperate comment when the majority seem to be in favour of leaving the ducks alone.

Animals are nicer than a lot of people and, maybe we might all come back in the next life as ducks. What then?

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