Reduction of five councillors will help East Cambs Council save money

OF course, figures from Google need checking, but it appears that there are 238 district councils in England.

There is an average population per district council of about 100,000 and an average of 44 councillors per council.

The population of East Cambridgeshire District Council (a smaller council) is about 75,000, so to conform with the UK average it needs to have only 33 councillors.

A reduction of four or five councillors would save about £100,000 over a five-year period and still leave the council with the average number of councillors per head of population as the rest of the country.

Reduction could come from wards that have more than one elected member, so no need to redefine the boundaries or impact on representation.

It would also be a great demonstration of “we are all in it together”, as well as a cost saving with no impact on services.


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