Ready to represent UKIP at 2015 General Election

Deborah Rennie - The UKIP parliamentary candidate for South East Cambridgeshire

Deborah Rennie - The UKIP parliamentary candidate for South East Cambridgeshire - Credit: Archant

2014 proved to be a significant year for UKIP, its success in elections and the fact that UKIP’s presence has directly influenced the political agenda, with the other established parties now acknowledging and talking about some of the issues UKIP has brought to the table.

Most recently, The Times named Nigel Farage Briton of the Year - a decision, which undoubtedly rankles with some, yet is a high profile endorsement of Nigel’s, and UKIP’s, contribution to the current political arena.

2015 brings with it the General Election on May 7. The outcome has been deemed by many political commentators as “uncertain”, with the Tories allegedly having already launched extra fundraising for a second election.

Locally too the Tories seem to be gearing up for the election, with Debbie Clark resigning from her role as organising secretary of NE Cambs Conservative Association to take on a full time role with SE Cambs, describing it as an offer “I could not refuse”.

The 2015 election has already been described as “the most unpredictable in living memory” and as “the most important vote in Britain in a generation”.

The key for me, as a prospective parliamentary candidate, is that voters are given a real choice and that the parties are, dare I say it, open and honest with their manifestos rather than offering a set of actions to be undertaken if they win which can be then largely ignored when they are elected.

I am delighted that invitations have been received already for me to attend a number of question and answer type events across the constituency.

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I genuinely welcome the opportunity to meet with the electorate, to listen to their views and aspirations and to respond to their questions and concerns.

Unlike the established parties, UKIP cannot be judged on its track record in government but is largely judged by the media who are not always objective in their reporting.

As your local UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate, I should be pleased to meet with as many of the electorate as possible, so that you can judge me, and UKIP, for yourself.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy 2015!


UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for South East Cambs

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