READERS comments: New design for Ely Market Place brings mostly positive feedback from Standard readers

Rannerlow Ltd have come up with a new proposal for the Market Place

Rannerlow Ltd have come up with a new proposal for the Market Place - Credit: Archant

A new proposal for the redevelopment of the 1960s retail building in Ely’s Market Place unveiled this week has prompted a host of positive feedback via the Ely Standard Facebook page.

The owners of the 1960s building are local company Rannerlow Ltd who say “remain excited by the opportunity of changing the existing building into something the city can be proud of”.

The proposed plan is to envelope the building in a new façade and there will be 12 new apartments which will integrate and complement the surrounding buildings.

The new proposal comes after consultation on a previous design brought a ‘major concerns’ from the public.

An artist’s impression of the latest proposal brought the following comments:

Helen Jeakins Stephens posted: “Needs revamping but some decent shops would be good too.”

Stuart Pawsey said: “It can’t look any worse than it does now that’s for sure.”

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And John Wright said: “Bring back the Corn Exchange.”

Rosaline Underdown posted: “That would look amazing.”

Rachel Watts was positive saying: “I like this design better than the first.”

Sandra Banks said: “Better than the monstrosity that’s there now.”

Emma Weller is keen to see the work start posting: “Good, hurry up and do it.”

And Jenny Mitchell was also positive saying: “Vast improvement.”

However, there were a couple of less positive remarks.

Tracey Piggott said: “Looks a bit dominating over the other buildings in this picture?”

While Karen Gimbert appeared concerned about where the money was coming from and said: “Must be coming to the end of the financial year - with too much money in the kitty gleaned off rate payers?”