Rate payers instead of motorists will now have to fund upkeep of Ely car parks

WELL, its seems every one is over the moon that parking charges have been dropped.

Sounds very good, and Mr Andrew Olley must be jumping for joy, but will he be jumping later, and all the traders of Ely?

On the face of it , it does sound very good , but as Mr Olley and the traders will have nothing to say, if shops still close. They cannot blame parking fees, any more, what will they blame next ?

But remember, Ely Council needs money to repair these car parks and keep them in good condition , and where will this money come from, that’s the million dollar question.

Everyone in East Cambs who pays rates, could see their rates rise to cover the maintenance to these car parks, when otherwise the motorist would have paid that.

The buying world of today has completely changed , the younger generation now buy on line , and have things delivered to their doors, even their groceries, and this is closing shops that is a fact.

Now we have six supermarkets in ELY , this too makes a difference. This is what the people wanted and got them , this is the trend of today’s shopping.

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Sadly some shops will close, as they no longer can complete with larger shops , that sell at reduced prices.


Ely Road

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