Possible closure of Witchford recycling centre is another waste of taxpayers’ money

Our wonderful county councillors are at it again. It’s the same old story - the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

The recycling centre at Witchford has only just been opened, at a cost of £5million. It’s state of the art for everything to be recycled - industrial and household items alike.

But now it’s on the books to be closed. If that’s not wasting taxpayers’ money, I do not know what is. Our councillors must love throwing money away on a whim.

This recycling centre is needed in East Cambridgeshire. It’s first class compared to the one we had a Grunty Fen.

Where is the common sense in building a state-of-the-art recycling centre, then closing it a few months later?

If this centre closes, I can see the old scourge of the countryside returning - fly-tipping. But our councillors will probably not worry about that, so long as they can close a few things and save some more money.

If the centre is closed, what will happen to the money that’s saved? Will it be spent on some other project to close a year later?

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