Pleased to see some action over Ely Station parking issues... but the problems are widespread

AFTER numerous complaints over several years the residents of Potters Lane and Dovehouse Close, Ely, were pleased to see that police are taking the parking problems in the area of the railway station seriously.

The problem is not confined to just the railway area but exists in streets in many parts of the city.

The problem arises due to East Cambridgeshire District Council’s restrictions for off-street car parks. The people we need to travel and park in the city are unable to use the car parks unless they start work late or their employer pays for exemption passes.

Now the council has, for the time being, ceased to pursue parking charges for city car parks and admit that it was merely a money making exercise, perhaps it could use the information it has acquired to look at the overall parking problems now facing us.

It should get together with the City of Ely Council and Cambridgeshire County Council to genuinely try to tackle the problem.

It was suggested during the early discussion on parking charges that civil enforcement powers could be taken. This, however, was merely another attempt to raise money and would not solve any problems for motorists or residents but would be welcomed by police.

In view of East Cambs Council’s actions in the past, I do not foresee any positive action. We can only hope.

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