Pleased to see cycling debate - but until roads are made safer I will cycle safely along Riverside

I AM very pleased to see the emerging debate about cycling on your letters page, particularly with respect to the life-threatening and endemic practice of cycling up behind people and overtaking them.

While we’re about the banning of such hideous anti-social behaviour, perhaps we could also address the criminality of old ladies crossing roads without waiting for a green man and of old men changing tourist direction signs from metric to imperial.

Some perspective please, fellow citizens.

Let’s not forget that our authorities have refused to provide adequate pedestrian crossings near schools unless children and their parents raise funds to show they’re serious about not wanting to get run over. Or that soft road users are exposed to apparently unchecked speeding and light-jumping cars and lorries.

So, until our roads - and in particular in this case, Broad Street with its pinch points, roadside parking and lack of lighting - are made safer for cyclists, I might just opt to ride politely and safely past pedestrians on the riverside, thank you very much!


John Amner Close

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