Please write to MP demanding fair treatment of high street Post Offices

I HAVE used the High Street Post Office in Ely several times. The staff work exceedingly hard and efficiently under pretty awful working conditions.

The shape of the office means that they can see the customers only when they approach their own pigeon hole. Thus they have no idea how many people are waiting at any one time.

This is not the way to create a good working environment. In effect they are kept in the dark.

It is quite clear that at times the staff are overstretched. The queues can be very long. This must deter anyone wishing to use any of the Post Office’s much-advertised services unless they have no alternative.

Any business wishing to be successful would do something to improve the situation.

Take a look at Barclays Bank over the street. Very smart open plan office so that staff can see and control the operation. Stand around for long and a member of staff will ask to help.

The Post Office is profitable and necessary to many people and should present a dignified face to the public in just the same way as a bank.

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I ask any who read this letter to write to your MP demanding fair treatment for the High Street Post Offices.


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