Please re-introduce more long stay parking spaces in Ely city centre

IN response to M Gibbs’ letter last week regarding free parking issues in Ely.

Whilst I do agree with his views, I would also like to add that the larger car parks in Ely MUST issue some long stay spaces within their car parks to accommodate us workers who find it increasingly harder to find anywhere to park during our working day.

My daughter usually parks at Ship Lane car park but on a Monday she doesn’t start work until 10am so all the long stay spaces are gone.

Last Monday she parked at the Forehill car park and after four hours attempted to move her car across to Ship Lane - but with no success.

As my daughter doesn’t have a lunch break on a Monday she had no option but the re-park in Forehill - and hence when she returned to her car she was issued a £50 parking fine!

This I feel is totally unfair firstly because her work colleague parked two spaces away for the same amount of time and she never received a ticket and secondly, the car park was virtually empty. Apart from Thursdays the Forehill car park is practically empty.

Why can’t East Cambridgeshire District Council find it upon itself to allow some type of permit for workers? It is completely unfair and unreasonable.

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Free parking should remain but please, please, please reintroduce more long stay spaces.


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