Please, drivers, use your indicators

I AM writing to you with regards to the driving of the male population, particularly those over the age of 65, which I have noticed on my travels around Ely.

Whilst driving through the High Street last Monday a silver Vauxhall Astra was sat in the middle of the road as if it had been abandoned – completely oblivious to the queue of traffic behind it.

Why did the driver not indicate to make other drivers and myself aware of his intentions?

It then became apparent as I eventually got past him that he was waiting for a car to reverse out of a parking space so he could park up.

This isn’t the first incident with a male driver over the age of 65, all I can say is perhaps when they are having their driving lessons they weren’t taught how to use the indicator and what they are actually used for.

I would say that it is a courteous restore to other road users just to use the indicators as well as a safety issue.

I do realise that I may have several hidden talents but mind-reading is not one of them!

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