Please drivers, use your headlights and check that they are working properly

DO some drivers think it costs more to drive with their lights on?

Before Christmas, on a wet, dull, grey day, visibility wasn’t that good. On January 6 it was foggy. I was travelling between Littleport and Wissey beet factory all day in a lorry.

On both occasions I came across people driving without their lights on.

It’s true - the worst offenders are driving silver or light-coloured cars that blend in with the gloom perfectly.

Then you have the drivers trying to imitate motorcycles, with only one headlight.

It’s frightening when you meet one in the dark in poor visibility - you aim for the left of the light then realise at the last moment its 5ft wider because they have no lights working on the offside.

And driving with just sidelights on is really no better they are just not bright enough.

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So come on you irresponsible drivers, SWITCH ON your lights and CHECK that they are all WORKING and make it safer for everyone.


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