Please donate to Poppy Appeal and join us on November 11 to remember those who fought for us

THIS summer I was lucky enough to be involved in the celebrations for the arrival of the Paralympic Flame in Ely.

I am reminded of that afternoon as I prepare to take part in Remembrance Day on November 11.

For the Paralympic Games would never have started were it not for the dedication, commitment and insight of Ludwig Guttmann, the founder of the Paralympic Movement.

As a doctor in the Second World War, he used sport to help soldiers who had spinal injuries – to show them their lives still had meaning, still had a future despite the trauma their bodies had endured.

His work had a lasting impact on the way our brave young men and women, who are hurt in conflict, are helped and supported as they try to grasp what their future lives will be like.

This is why the work of the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal is so important.

For example, the Legion has helped more than 10,000 serving, ex-service and family members who are part of the Afghan and Iraq generation.

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So if you can, please donate to this very worthy appeal and take time on November 11 to remember all those who have fought for us.



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