Playground has been work of many volunteers and to focus on just one critic was, in my opinion, wrong

Wilburton Play Park,

Wilburton Play Park, - Credit: Archant

As a Wilburton resident with a young child who enjoys playing at our new playground I was saddened to read your article.

It was incredibly poor journalism, with no other residents from the Berristead being consulted or any of the families using it asked for their comments.

It has been the hard work of many volunteers to fund raise, consult, plan and see out the build of the playground. It has brought families and our wonderful village community together.

It is situated within close proximity to our village primary school making it an ideal, safe location for friends to gather after school for a play.

Many families have felt intimidated and threatened by the behaviour of Mr Ludbrooke who often stands in the road outside his house, arms folded, staring at the children, blocking traffic and stopping passers by.

Before the playground was built he got his ‘kicks’ by installing gadgets to make dogs bark so he could complain about the noise and last summer installed a high pitched device to keep cats away - it also resulted in his neighbours children complaining of headaches when playing in their garden, which, given his obvious dislike of the sound of children playing one could speculate was his real intention in installing the device. His behaviour is that of a bully and you Ely Standard, by indulging him in your article, have acted as co-conspirators.

Shame on you.

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