People are still suffering in Nepal after earthquake – so show your support with contribution to ShelterBox

Although the earthquakes in Nepal seem a distant memory, people are still suffering.

It is so difficult to give to something that you know will reach people in trouble immediately – not delayed because of red tape or decision making initiatives.

One charity your readers may be interested to know about is ShelterBox which has depots worldwide, often very close to where disaster first strikes. ShelterBoxes can be sent straight to those who need them.

The shelter box typically includes a disaster relief tent for a family, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, a basic tool kit, mosquito nets and children’s activity pack.

A complete shelterbox can be bought for £590 and you can be sure that it will help maintain a resource so that there will always be some for immediate dispatch to a disaster when it occurs.

You are informed which disaster your box has supported after the event.

The charity would, of course, be grateful for any contributions no matter how small.

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Google Shelterbox or call 01326 569782.


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