Parking should be decriminalised so East Cambs District Council can take responsibility

EAST Cambridgeshire District Council has again raised the question of parking charges and it appears most likely that parking will eventually cease to be free here in Ely.

This time, improved proposals have been made, with a generous period for public consultation. But, is this the right time for a change?

Traders in Ely are worried on behalf of their staff, many of whom need to park their cars near to their workplace for the full working day, and their businesses are suffering as a result of the recession.

Last time, the traders’ petition attracted huge support and the council backed down. The new proposals have some improvements, but still they only tackle half the problem.

Great inconvenience is caused to those living near to the rail station where, during the working day, commuters take all the parking spaces in their roads, rather than pay to use a car park.

The current early morning time restriction in car parks does not help and is unfair to those residents who do not have off-street parking. The new parking proposals have nothing to say about this.

The final answer must be to decriminalise parking, so that the council can take responsibility for parking throughout the district, allocating areas for residents parking and elsewhere for others to pay.

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