Our bid to raise funds to purchase Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall continues - but deadline looms

Because your paper has previously published articles about Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall, and the bid to purchase the ex-Royal British Legion site, I thought I should bring you up to date.

The struggle to raise the funding to meet the price tag of £120,000 goes on.

The date of the sale embargo set on the building by Forest Heath District Council under the Community Right to Bid legislation rapidly approaches (April 7).

The People’s Project committee has been busy running fund-raising events. Numerous benevolent charities have been contacted to seek grant aid funding together with an application to the Big Lottery Fund.

The land upon which the hall stands was allocated to the village by Sir Charlton Briscoe in 1920 for “the remembrance of the fallen warriors of the First World War”.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of war and we have long thought it would be a fitting year to purchase the clubhouse and create a village centre in further memory of the men and women who did not return from that dreadful event.

I would hate to think that the old clubhouse was sold and used for housing or other reasons when it was so clearly intended to be used by the people of Lakenheath when Sir Charlton Briscoe donated it.

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