Once again we have been proved correct and ADeC will only work in Ely with no support for village projects

We as Lib Dem district councillors were assured by council leader James Palmer that everything would stay the same following the transfer of ADeC to the City of Ely Council – we knew it wouldn’t.

Of course ADeC has not got the funding now, which East Cambridgeshire District Council normally would have given before this transfer.

The city council is not in a position to fund arts in the same way. East Cambs Council used to provide funds so ADeC could support arts events across the whole district.

We raised all our fears and concerns and have once again being proved correct. Now ADeC will only be working in Ely with no help for the arts in the villages.

Drama groups and pantomines, etc were given free advice and guidance as well as small monetary grants towards costumes and art work for backdrops and materials, whether it was in Haddenham, Littleport or Burwell.

It has been great to see so many children getting involved in drama, giving them something to do other than hanging around on the streets with nowhere to go.

When will these Tories learn from their mistakes?

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Haddenham Ward

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