On-street parking enforcement is badly needed in Ely

IT’S not that the pay for parking in Ely is now completely out of the question, on-street especially.

It seems that taxis park anywhere they like in Market Street and High Street,

Hardly anyone bothers to park correctly, either in the allotted spaces or loading spaces, choosing to abandon the cars at 45-degree angles so large trucks are driving on the footpath to get past.

Then we come to the pedestrian area. Is this now reserved for estate agents? It is getting more dangerous to walk in this area as it is constantly used as a rat run/short cut and parking area.

One of the benefits that were lost in the parking proposals was on-street parking enforcement. This was something badly needed in Ely.

Also, congratulations Sir Jim Paice. It’s about time the extortionate price of fuel was questioned in East Cambs. I hope his campaign for a better deal is successful.

Maybe if Sainsbury’s had an outlet things may have been different.

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