No comments from councillors about East Cambs Council hiring others to make decisions.

I REFER to the recent topic concerning the accusation that East Cambridgeshire District Council is wasting council tax payers’ money by contracting others to make its decisions for it.

I note that although there have been comments from readers, myself included, explanations or justifications from councillors or officials have been conspicuous by their absence. Nothing surprising here.

What I do find puzzling is that last week the names were announced, of those standing as candidates in the forthcoming by-election and to the best of my knowledge, not one of them has had a comment to make on this subject.

We all know that hubris sets in after election but you would have thought that at least one of them would have had something to say on the subject, if only to give potential voters some idea of where they stand on the matter.

I foresee a very low turnout on polling day.


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