New housing should be spread across communities

Additional housing development causes concern almost everywhere.

As a mere town councillor at Soham I understand that, however, because additional housing development causes concern almost everywhere I believe that it should be spread around almost everywhere.

Princess Anne, who is not daft, has said that many smaller communities would benefit from, say, an additional twenty homes in order to keep local facilities alive and available.

Unfortunately, East Cambridgeshire District Council has decreed that my town shall receive several thousand more homes during the next fifteen years whilst in the same planning period, some of the smaller communities in the district - Brinkley, Kennett, Kirtling, Upware, Westley Waterless, Chettisham, Little Thetford, Chippenham, Coveney, Wardy Hill, Lode and Stuntney - shall receive no more than six new homes each. Snailwell, the village where our new Conservative MP has her country home, is to receive no more than ten new homes in the next fifteen years.

I believe that Princess Anne has more sense than many East Cambridgeshire District Councillors.

I wonder whether she would consider moving to Soham or Snailwell?

Geoffrey Woollard

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